Welcome to the NAU Consortium of Professional Schools, Health Professions Dental Hygiene Training Series!

This 3 unit continuing education (CEU) course on evidence based practice (EBP) meets the requirements for the Arizona State affiliated dental hygienist. With the rapidly changing nature of health care today, clinicians can no longer rely on facts and information learned in school because new diseases, medications and products are appearing at a rapid pace. This course will provide fundamental knowledge about EBP. It will provide tools and skills needed to locate and review research articles and abstracts quickly and easily so that you can stay up to date on new products and procedures, provide the best possible care and achieve optimum outcomes for your patients. Steps in the EBP process that will be included:

  • Ask an answerable clinical question.
  • Search for the highest quality, relevant information from the literature to answer the clinical question.
  • Read and critically appraise the evidence for its validity and relevance.
  • Decide and apply the results of this appraisal in your practice.

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